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Shopping for a used car is not anything like it used to be years ago when you had to shop at dealerships that were well off the beaten path and had a selection of lackluster pre-owned cars. Now, there are entire automotive groups dedicated to offering buyers a great selection pre-owned models that bring together modern technology and design. Here at STG Auto Group in Montclair, CA we are proud to bring our customers some of the best used cars for sale near CA, Montclair, Riverside, Corona, San Bernardino and Fontana.

Riverside To Montclair

As a driver in Riverside there are surely plenty of dealerships to look for your next pre-owned car, but no dealership will have a selection of luxury and economy pre-owned cars quite like the inventory here at STG Auto Group.

  1. Get on CA-91 E.
  2. Take CA-60 W to Central Ave in Chino. Take exit 33 from CA-60 W.
  3. Use the right two lanes to turn right onto Central Ave and we are located on your right!

Corona To Montclair

Being a driver in Corona means you can enjoy a wide range of activities whether it is golfing, hiking, or anything in between. This range of activities means that you will need a pre-owned car that can handle anything and when you shop at STG Auto Group you can find the model you will love.

  1. Follow I-15 N and CA-60 W to Central Ave in Chino. Take exit 33 from CA-60 W.
  2. Use the right two lanes to turn right onto Central Ave and we are on your right.

San Bernardino To Montclair

San Bernardino is home to wide array of activities and can make living here incredibly enjoyable. From hiking, Inland Empire 66ers games, camping, museums, or parasailing there is plenty of things to do. When you are shopping for a pre-owned car you will need something to handle anything, STG Auto Group will have what you need!

  1. Get on I-215 S.
  2. Take I-10 W to Central Ave in Montclair. Take exit 49 from I-10 W.
  3. Drive to Central Ave.

Fontana To Montclair

Fontana, CA offers drivers plenty of fun things to for drivers who enjoy driving more than anything else. With plenty of activities for driving enthusiasts you will not only want a used SUV that will be able handle any driving situation, but also enjoy driving at the same time then it is time to visit STG Auto Group!

  1. Head west on Merrill Ave toward Sierra Ave
  2. Turn left onto Sierra Ave
  3. Turn right to merge onto I-10 W toward Los Angeles
  4. Take exit 49 for Central Ave
  5. Use the left two lanes to turn left onto Central Ave
  6. Make a U-turn and STG Auto Group will be on the right

When you are looking for a car dealership to shop for used trucks for sale make your way over to STG Auto Group and see how we can make car shopping easier than ever before. See you soon!

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